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Dec 13, 2012 6:00am EST
public safety network. furthermore we should keep in mind that technology advances constantly and what may seem impossible to achieve today may be routine tomorrow. let's not underestimate market innovation or worse, let's not inadvertently preempt it. beyond the spectrum auction american policymakers should continue their vigilance against encroachment on internet freedom especially internationally, chairman genachowski and i worked in dubai last week and members of your committee staff to prevent the international telecommunication union from expanding its reach into the internet complex ecosystem and as the chairman mentioned, it is a crucial time, as we sit here it is night time in dubai, a crucial interception and the next 12 to 24 hours will determine the fate of things, but if we are lucky enough to have internet freedom to escape this year, we have to remember there's a more fundamental negotiation in 2016 and there's a big meeting in may that lays the foundation for that. we shall keep that in mind. i would like to thank this committee for its unanimous and bipartisan res
Dec 5, 2012 7:30am EST
technologies where britain has a clear advantage with my right honorable friend the business secretary's support, we will extend our global lead in aerospace and support the supply chains of advanced manufacturing. we're also taking big steps to support british companies to export to asia, africa and the americas. i am increasing the funding for ukti by over 25% a year so it can help more firms build the capacity of overseas british chambers and maintain our country's position as the number one destination in europe for foreign investment. and we are launching a new one and a half billion pound export finance facility to support the purchase of british exports. third, we are addressing the credit problems for companies, we're creating a new business bank, and today we confirm we're providing it with one billion pounds of extra capital which will lever private lending to help small and medium-sized firms and bring together existing schemes. and, fourth, we are going to cut business taxes still further. let me tell you how. the temporary doubling of the small business rate reli
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
acquire dual use technology and technology with military application, to plant banking operation, very important for our efforts, such as a bank that is underused treasury sanctions, and the british treasury, is operating out of iran. the iranian drug trade is an especially pernicious activity that is targeting south caucasus. while iran is becoming increasingly a transit country -- iran is running its own front operations such as production, supervised by pharmacists and professional chemists, and trying to run this with the boats into azerbaijan, et cetera. i would like the rest of my presentation to be included in the record and just focus on our policy recommendations. the u.s. needs to expand antiterrorism and drug trafficking cooperation between the u.s. and the three south caucasus states, neutralizing iranian subversive activities, focused intelligence community efforts on electing and neutralizing i were aiming -- activities and financial technology transfer sectors in the region, cooperative with the western and other allies. uphold the interests of small south caucasus count
Dec 12, 2012 7:30am EST
technology of the strategic defense initiative. gorbachev said you won't even share with us milking machine technology. those of us who were no takers stopped taking notes. we had never seen an exchange like that. these two men arrived in minivan and reykjavik with the dialogue in place, a style with talking with each other, respect for each other which is palpable and a belief that each could probably deliver on what they were talking about. very important. everyone knows the talks broke down. what was there was the agreement that there would be 100 long-range on each side, europe would be free of such missiles and 100 would be placed in soviet asia and for the united states, hundred missiles would be placed in alaska. hard to say. it will be 100, and gorbachev set off at that point on the circuit to try to use sdi as the obstacle to progress and somehow get us to except the difference. meanwhile at reykjavik on the telephone, get to basic countries before the press called each of the basic countries and their leadership or whoever was available on sunday night and europe to inform
Dec 11, 2012 6:00am EST
will visit our high-spieled rail to marvel at our engineering and technological prowess. this is not just about transportation, but about changing the revitalization along the cities and routes. in conclusion, it's clear that i support the high-speed rail in california. the federal program will help make it possible. what we need now is vision, what we need now is leadership, what we need now is a belief that the people of california and this country want us to invest in this type of transportation option. thank you, mr. chairman. i yield back my time. >> thank you. i thank you both the members for joining us, and you're welcome now to join us be you'd like and stay for questions. we'll excuse you at this time as we bring secretary lahood up who's our next witness. our second panel, because this is the secretary of transportation, former member of this panel, distinguished secretary of transportation who we've had a chance to work with, appreciate his cooperation and efforts and also delighted to have him here on the anniversary of his birth. welcome, secretary lahood, and you're rec
Dec 13, 2012 2:00am EST
shared a personal commitment that technology in space could help america remain exceptional. a belief in supporting the research in science leading to new ideas that would be not only new areas that we would explore but new technologies for new products and new jobs. yes, i visited her dad at mission control and i've been there during the great research that we were able to see being done in that area. she, too, remember, the home of the komen foundation is in texas. but it is not -- senator hutchison was very clear that she wanted to be sure that she, too, was an advocate for women's health. we worked together on mammogram quality standards. madam president, were you aware that in the early days -- and i know sometimes we sound like we built the pyramids together when i tell these stories -- it is both ancient history and a recent reality. if you went into a doctor's office 10, 12 years ago for a mammogram, you might have gotten a chest x-ray and they would have called it a mammogram. it was often given by untrained technicians, no standards for the equipment, that it would really work
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6